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John Steed and Tara King Welcome!

This site is my personal tribute to the 1961-69 British television series, The Avengers, and the "sequel" 1976-77 series, The New Avengers.

Many excellent sites already exist for The Avengers, (including David K. Smith's excellent The Avengers Forever, with whom we are now partnered to provide you with even more information), but The Nitpicker's Guide is different. No matter how hard you try, or how good you are, at something, you're going to make mistakes now and then.  This site is an attempt to chronicle all the "goof-ups" and oversights that occured during The Avengers run (there were plenty in the first few years of the series as older production technology and budget constraints made editing and re-shooting almost impossible).

Rest assured, by no means do I mean to imply anything derogatory toward the series, or its producers or stars. On the contrary, I'm one of the series' biggest fans with the 1963-64 Cathy Gale and 1965-66 Emma Peel seasons being my favorites. The Nitpicker's Guide is just a way to have some fun and maybe give you something new to watch for the next time you view a particular episode.

The site will constantly be a "work in progress" as I will be adding more as time goes on.  I currently own all of the episodes from the Cathy Gale and Emma Peel seasons as well as a select number of episodes of The New Avengers, and the lone available David Keel episode. A&E, in North America, is now releasing the Tara King series, so I will review and post those as I am able to acquire them.  If you have noticed a nit that is not already mentioned here, or have any comments about the show, or something on this site, please feel free to contact me at with the subject line "Avengers"!  I look forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime, Happy Nitpicking!  :-)

          - Sam McCallie

Regular Cast

Patrick Macnee  (bio)
- John Steed

Ian Hendry  (bio)
- Dr. David Keel (1961)

Ingrid Hafner  (bio)
- Carol Wilson (1961)

Douglas Muir
- One-Ten (1961-63)

Honor Blackman  (bio)  (pic)
- Cathy Gale (1962-64)

Julie Stevens  (bio)
- Venus Smith (1962-63)

Jon Rollason  (bio)
- Dr. Martin King (1962)

Elizabeth Shepherd  (bio)  (pic)
- Emma Peel (1965)

Diana Rigg  (bio)  (pic)
- Emma Peel (1965-67)

Linda Thorson  (bio)  (pic)
- Tara King (1968-69)

Patrick Newell  (bio)
- Mother (1968-69)

Rhonda Parker  (bio)
- Rhonda (1968-69)

Joanna Lumley  (bio)  (pic)
- Purdey (1976-77)

Gareth Hunt  (bio)
- Mike Gambit (1976-77)

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