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Cathy Gale Episodes

   Mr. Teddy Bear
Propellant 23
The Decapod - VS
Mission to Montreal - MK
The Removal Men - VS
The Mauritius Penny
Death of a Great Dane
The Sell-Out - MK
Death on the Rocks
Traitor in Zebra
The Big Thinker
Death Dispatch
Dead on Course - MK
Immortal Clay
Box of Tricks - VS
The Golden Eggs
School for Traitors - VS
The White Dwarf
Man in the Mirror - VS
Conspiracy of Silence
A Chorus of Frogs - VS
Six Hands Across A Table
Brief for Murder
The Undertakers
Man with Two Shadows
The Nutshell
Death of a Batman
November Five
The Gilded Cage
Second Sight
The Medicine Men
The Grandeur That Was Rome
The Golden Fleece
Don't Look Behind You
Death a la Carte
Dressed to Kill
The White Elephant
The Little Wonders
The Wringer
The Secrets Broker
The Trojan Horse
Build a Better Mousetrap
The Outside-In Man
The Charmers
Esprit de Corps
Lobster Quadrille

VS - Denotes Venus Smith episode
MK - Denotes Martin King episode

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