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What the Butler Saw
February 25, 1966

Written by Brian Clemens
Directed by Bill Bain

Plot Summary

Secrets are being leaked at an alarming rate... Perhaps the butler did it?!?!?!

My Thoughts

A fun episode that's obviously played for laughs. Steed's various disguises at the beginning are hilarious as well as Emma's encounters with a "ladies man".

Continuity & Production Problems

Hemming's body is stuffed in a front-loading washing machine, yet the opening isn't large enough for Hemming's body to go through.

  - Submitted by David Bruce

When Captain Miles is seducing Emma, he acquires a smoking jacket somewhere between the time he is at the control console and when he leaps on Emma on the couch!

  - Submitted by Susan Minobe

Steed climbs into Emma's car soon after Benson leaves with the wine-covered jacket, but shuts his coattails in the car door.

  - Submitted by Jocelyn Ferguson

During the fight scene, in which Sergeant Moran (Ewan Hooper) is attacking Emma, he chops an ironing board in half. Notice how half of the board bounces up and strikes Ewan rather forcefully - enough to stagger him. It must have hurt and was surely unintended!

  - Submitted by John MacDonald

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