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A Sense of History
March 12, 1966

Written by Martin Woodhouse
Directed by Peter Graham Scott

Plot Summary

James Broom, an economist with an ambitious plan to unite Europe and eliminate poverty, is ambushed and murdered on his way to St. Bodes Academy. A search of Broom's belongings reveals that Broom was on his way to meet an enemy, not a friend. Steed and Emma go undercover at St. Bodes to try and discover who wrote an opposing thesis and is teaching the hip young students how to murder!

My Thoughts

A more serious storyline, the villains are dangerous because of their intellect, rather than their violence. Some great guest appearances and viewers are left guessing until the end who the "big man" is.

Plot Oversights

St. Bodes looks to be a rather large university, yet Broom travels down a narrow dirt road to get there? I would think that such a large institution would be on a main road. I suppose the dirt road could've been a shortcut, but how would Duboys' minions know that Broom would be travelling down it?

When Emma gets out of her car an arrow, with a suction cup tip, flies over her car and sticks to the wall. Steed then emerges from a stairwell in the ground claiming to have shot the arrow (No one else seemd to be around). Yet from the angle that the arrow would have to travel to leave the pit and fly over Emma's car, it would be practically impossible for the suction cup to stick to the wall.

Steed and Emma discover Richard Carlyon in the boot of Broom's car, yet when they walked up, the car cover was far enough down over the boot that it would have been almost impossible for Carlyon to have lowered it from the inside.

It is never explained why Carlyon is camping in the woods. Does he live out there, or he is just staying there to be close to the investigation? And why did he continue to camp out, alone, once it was realised that his life was in danger? Being rather mild-mannered, and apparently not owning a gun, he was pretty much a sitting duck. What was to stop Duboys and company from simply coming back once Steed had left?

The shelves that fall on Pettit in the archives... even with the books and theses that are on them... do not appear to be heavy enough to kill someone if they happened to fall on them. Perhaps some cuts and bruises, but I doubt they would even be knocked out. (Unless they used some really heavy bond paper back in the 60's). :-)

Continuity & Production Problems

When the archers in the woods hold the Rag Week collection cup up for Broom, the cup reads "St. Bedes". Also, some of the characters look like they're saying "St. Bedes", but have been overdubbed with "St. Bodes". More about this can be found on David K. Smith's page for this episode.

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