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From Venus with Love
January 14, 1967

Written by Philip Levene
Designed by Wilfrid Shingleton
Directed by Robert Day

Plot Summary

When a number of amateur astronomers are all found dead, their hair bleached white, Steed joins up with a small group of stargazers who believe there is life on Venus, whilst Emma goes chasing mysterious bright lights through the countryside.

My Thoughts

Not too bad of a way to introduce the colour episodes. A witty (but realistic) sci-fi plot with quite a few quirky characters. Too bad all the episodes to follow were not more like this.

Plot Oversights

Don't tell anyone, but lasers don't do anything shown in the episode--least of all make a loud sound. But then, it's just a silly TV show. If we can accept telepathic man-eating plants from outer space, I suppose we can live with noisy lasers.

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

Continuity & Production Problems

When Brigadier Whitehead "sees the light," he is not holding a record, but he is when Steed finds him.

  - Submitted by Richard Price

Watch the sequence with Venus in her office carefully. The camera cuts between close-ups of her and a long shot of her with Steed in the foreground. During one shot she is waving her arms, but in the very next shot, she has them folded.

  - Submitted by Doug Semon

Notice the sign outside Dr. Primble's surgery... "Ophthomologist" is spelled wrong!

  - Submitted by Liz Green

When the Brigadier is shutting down the record players, he shuts down the one nearest the viewer on the right, which he didn't start!

  - Submitted by Derek Lyons

One of the headlights on Steed's Bentley appears to be burnt-out.

  - Submitted by Ian Beazley

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