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Never, Never Say Die
March 17, 1967

Written by Philip Levene
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Robert Day

Plot Summary

Steed and Emma's investigation of reports of a man who will not die, despite being hit by a car and being shot at point blank range, lead them to a top-secret government research facility. The facility has been working on creating robotic duplicates for real-life humans, the first one being modeled after the facility's director, Dr. Stone. The problem is, which Dr. Stone is now in charge?

My Thoughts

Another story where the main highlight is the guest star, in this case Christopher Lee. Other than that, it's a typical Philip Levene sci-fi story with shades of The Cybernauts. Another bonus is the appearance of Patricia English who delievered a superb guest performance in Mission to Montreal.

Continuity & Production Problems

Steed first visits the Neoteric Research Unit dressed in his natty grey pinstripe suit and matching grey bowler. He is shown leaving, however, in a dark brown tweed suit and bowler, and our attention is then drawn to the warning sign regarding transistor radios. Then he's back at Dr. James' office in the grey suit. It's not until his second visit to the NRU that he's wearing the brown suit. The producers probably thought that the concurrent action with Mrs. Peel and the HAM radio operator would already nail down the radio-wave situation, and wanted to hint at it (albeit redundantly) earlier--so they used a shot of Steed leaving after his second visit during his first.

  - Submitted by Mike Collins

The android is shot several times when he attacks the soldiers on patrol. The resulting bullet holes in the android's coat are clearly visible, and the direct hits are commented on in the following scene. And yet, when the android is next seen walking through the forest, the bullet holes have magically disappeared, and are not there when the android attacks Steed a couple of scenes later. So either the android has found time to visit the invisible menders or to change his coat for an identical one but without the holes.

  - Submitted by John Howells

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