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March 31, 1967

Written by Brian Clemens
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by James Hill

Plot Summary

A mad film producer, along with two "over-the-hill" actors, trap Emma in an old film studio to make a movie of her death in order to revive their careers.

My Thoughts

Two great guest stars are wasted on a silly script. IMO, Brian Clemens was getting way out on the edge during this season, and this episode was probably the apex of it. The only thing that makes it watchable is the surreal atmosphere of a few of the scenes (the best being the funeral scene) and guest stars Peter Wyngarde, (who was way better in A Touch of Brimstone), and Kenneth J. Warren.

Continuity & Production Problems

In one scene Emma has a six-shooter pistol and fires several shots at Kirby playing an Indian (who keeps falling down and getting up again). After confirming the prop nature of the pistol by firing it at the wagon she is hiding behind, Emma discards the piece into the buckboard. Later she is walking through the backlot and notices the electrified fence. As she pushes a prop onto the fence to test the electrification, the once-discarded six-shooter is back in her hands. Then later, when she comes across the Bobby, the pistol is gone again.

  - Submitted by Allan Marko

If you look closely in the second fight scene where Kirby is the American soldier, while he and Emma are fighting, "Mother" is preparing to hit Emma over the head. Kirby hits Emma, Emma says "ah, ah, ah" and then Emma falls back. Delayed reaction?

  - Submitted by Julia Urbanek

Throughout the episode, Mrs. Peel is wearing a lime-green suit. During the tag, which we presume takes place immediately after the events preceding it as she and Steed are still in the studio, her outfit is a different color.

  - Submitted by Andy Harris

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