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The Superlative Seven
April 7, 1967

Written by Brian Clemens
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Plot Summary

Steed is invited to a costume party aboard a chartered airplane. Once in the air, the mingling guests soon discover that each one of them was invited by a different person. And none of the hosts are on board... In fact no one is on board other than them. The plane is being flown by remote control. They eventually land on a deserted island where they are informed that one of them is a trained assassin. The ruse was designed to test an agent training system to a potential foreign buyer. But the system soon runs into one major problem... The Avengers!

My Thoughts

Brian Clemens makes up for last week's farce with a great episode filled with superb guest stars! Of couse my opinion is helped by the fact that I am a great fan of the Cathy Gale series and this episode contains heavy elements (although not an exact remake) of Dressed to Kill. But anything with Charlotte Rampling, Brian Blessed, James Maxwell (who was spectacular in The Outside-In Man), and Donald Sutherland, is definitely one worth enjoying more than once.

Continuity & Production Problems

Steed boards a high-wing plane, but in one or two of the in-flight shots it changes to a low-wing plane before changing back to a high-wing plane when it lands on the island.

  - Submitted by Bill McCutcheon

During the plane's takeoff, Steed and the group are seen sitting the seats and appear to be about 2 or 3 feet away from the window. Then we see a shot from outside the plane and they appear to be sitting immediately on the other side of the glass, but when the view switches back to the inside, they are several feet away from the windows again.

  - From my own observations - Confirmed by Adam Durrance.

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