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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
April 14, 1967

Written by Brian Sheriff
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by John Krish

Plot Summary

When an agent fails to show up for a meeting at a train station, Steed and Emma investigate and uncover a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister who is scheduled to travel on the very same line.

My Thoughts

A semi-decent storyline with some great train scenes, (shades of Dressed to Kill). John Laurie also turns in another outstanding "eccentric" performance. Note: This story was originally written by Roger Marshall before he left the series over a "creative dispute" with Brian Clemens. Clemens rewrote the script under the pseudonym Brian Sheriff.

Plot Oversights

How did the villains keep anyone else from getting off at Chase Halt when Lucas did. Aside from those in the same car as Lucas, where the conductor was calling out "Norborough", the station was made up to look the same and the "Norborough" signs were everywhere, so anyone looking out the window to see where they had stopped would be likely to disembark. Norborough seemed like a fairly busy station so the chances are good that someone else would be getting off there.

Also this episode is filled with some pretty amazing coincidences... Steed just happened to look in the box where Lucas hid the briefcase... Steed just also happened to raise the briefcase at the right moment for the bride to see it... Hmmm.....

Continuity & Production Problems

The trunk containing Lucas has one side cut away in a close-up when Steed and Emma discover the body, but is whole again in the long shot. Later, when the groom shots up the station, the side is missing again in the long shot.

  - Submitted by Adam Durrance

Near the end, the woman who does the fork attack and gets knocked out in the dining room car is seen again in the back room in little glimpses running the toy train set.

  - Submitted by James Long

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