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The Joker
April 28, 1967

Written by Brian Clemens
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Plot Summary

While Steed is laid-up after falling down the stairs, Emma is invited to spend the weekend at the home of a reclusive bridge-player. But when Steed discovers that his spill was no accident, he realises that Emma's invitation was a ruse by an escaped convict with a broken heart.

My Thoughts

This episode is a remake of the Cathy Gale episode Don't Look Behind You. While most seem to prefer the newer colour version, I am partial to the original for a number of reasons. The guest appearances are better (although Peter Jeffrey is one of the series best villains overall), and the black and white seems to add to the mood. We also see less of Steed in the remake.

Plot Oversights

How does Steed get the record to start playing just before he knocks out Prendergast, when the record player is presumably upstairs and Steed is hobbled to boot...

  - Submitted by David Bruce

Continuity & Production Problems

After the Strange Young Man arrives, Emma can't seem to decide where to stand, as she is first seen standing by the door, then leaning on the staircase, then back standing at the door, before finally moving to the staircase.

  - Submitted by J.P. Hitesman

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