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Dead Man's Treasure
October 19, 1967

Written by Michael Winder
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Plot Summary

When a colleague of Steed's hides something important in the prize treasure chest of a rich man's road rally, the race is on to retrieve it... But Steed and Emma are not the only competitors!

My Thoughts

The road race overshadows what little of the plot there is. There are some great moments however, such as Steed's partner, played by Valerie Van Ost who appears in the promotional film Strange Case of the Missing Corpse and was one of several actresses screen-tested to replace Diana Rigg.

Plot Oversights

How did Alex and Carl get their car running again so soon after Penny had "sugared their petrol." (Indeed, it could require a complete overhaul after that nasty little trick.)

  - Submitted by Julia Urbanek

Continuity & Production Problems

Emma's car seems to move about on its own. When she races back to the house, she parks it well beyond the door. But when Mike emerges from the boot (trunk), it is now right in front of the door.

  - Submitted by Debbie

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