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November 10, 1967

Written by Brian Clemens
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Robert Asher

Plot Summary

Emma's childhood friend buys a house in a quaint country village. But when he mysteriously disappears, Emma discovers that the town's economy is centered around... murder!

My Thoughts

Although I'm not the biggest fan of the Emma Peel color episodes, I've always enjoyed this one. It has a quirky yet possible plot, and allows Emma to shine solo in an original story.

Plot Oversights

Not so much an oversight, but a gripe. Emma shows lack of judgement on two fronts in this story. One, after escaping from the doctor's surgery, Emma walks past her car and continues looking around instead of jumping in and escaping. Also, not long after, when being chased by the helicopter, she leaves the cover of the trees to run across the open field. and be easily captured.

Continuity & Production Problems

Although the characters call him Dr. Haymes, and he's listed in the credits that way, the sign in front of his surgery says "Dr. J.F. HAYNES."

  - Submitted by Emma Plumtree

Emma is wearing a purple catsuit throughout the episode, except in the studio shots of her driving her car, where her outfit appears bright red. Thing is, the clothing is otherwise identical--same collar, buttons and other details. Apparently two different film stocks were used (or processed differently) resulting in a radical color shift. Otherwise, it means she has two identically-styled catsuits in different colors.

  - Submitted by Johan van Vliet

When Paul Croft goes back to the pub looking for his aide after he finds all his stuff smashed up, he comes from the wrong direction! Judging by what we are shown and where everything is in the town and where his house is, he should have come from the other direction. He does say he's going to look for his man in the pub. So either they've made a mistake or Croft walks past the pub, doesn't see it and then turns and comes back up again and then goes in.

  - Submitted by Stephen King

The sun does a little dancing in the sky following Emma's escape from Dr. Haymes and her return to the town, when she finds herself in the middle of the town surrounded by four of the townsmen. In the first shot of this confrontation, taken from above, the sun is throwing strong shadows towards the viewer's right. We then see shots of Mickle and Hubert as they approach Mrs. Peel, but their shadows have now jumped to the left. Moments later, a close shot of Hubert shows his shadow pointing once again towards the right, and the last shot, taken from above, shows the shadows pointing to the left. Apparently two takes, one shot in the morning and the other in the afternoon, were combined for the final scene.

  - Submitted by John MacDonald

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