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Super Secret Cypher Snatch
October 9, 1968

Written by Tony Williamson
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by John Hough

Plot Summary

Despite tight security, secrets seem to be flowing free from Cypher HQ. Agents are being sent in to investigate only to turn up dead later. Tara goes into investigate, but finds nothing more exciting than rainy days, while Steed hopes cleaner windows will help him see what's going on.

My Thoughts

A decent story. Even though this was only the third Tara episode aired (in the UK anyway), it was much further along in the production and Linda Thorson seems to be getting more comfortable with her role. Tony Williamson also delivers a more firmly rooted story than Brian Clemens and others seemed to be able to do at the time.

Continuity & Production Problems

Tara's hair changes from shot to shot... At Peters' studio, Tara ascends a ladder to converse with Steed from a window. The location footage sees her with a markedly different hairstyle to that seen in studio. Later, at Cypher HQ, the same problems occur at shot changes.

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

The window-cleaners' ladder that is jammed through Steed's windscreen, causing him to crash, is later seen to be merely pushed alongside the windscreen (despite sounds of smashing glass) no doubt as the close-up shots could not allow actual damage to the car.

  - Submitted by Frank Shailes

When Steed acquires a window washing suit from a man he's just defeated, he then fights another window cleaner. During their battle Steed's white bowler falls off and rolls down an embankment. When we see this shot again, the bowler has moved to the top of the embankment presumably so Patrick Macnee could easily pick it up again, ready for the big fight at Cypher HQ.

  - Submitted by James Harvey

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