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All Done with Mirrors
November 13, 1968

Written by Leigh Vance
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Ray Austin

Plot Summary

Secrets are leaking from a top secret research facility where Steed has spent a considerable amount of time lately. So Mother places Steed under "house arrest" and dispatches Tara and a rather annoying (although later useful) replacement agent, Watney, to investigate. While Watney checks out the facility and its staff, Tara sees the real action as she checks out a number of leads which all seem to point to an old lighthouse, and the eccentric colonel who lives there.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this one! Read my full review at The Avengers Forever.

Continuity & Production Problems

Tara is mighty quick on her feet, and she also wears Teflon jeans. You'll notice toward the end of the fight she has with the redheaded brute that there is mud all over her backside--on which she falls when kicking her opponent in the head. In the reverse angle shot that immediately follows, however, she is standing upright and her britches are magically clean.

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

Something that looks like a light or reflector stand leg can be spotted in the lower right-hand corner of the scene where Pandora starts up the lighthouse stairs.

  - Submitted by J.P. Hitesman

During Tara's fight with Gozzo, as she's running away from the mansion, the top left window is open. As she is walking back to the jeep, the window has closed.

Also during the same fight sequence, when Tara is shoved out onto the gravel, you can see the reflection of a lighting scrim (or some technical thing) in the window above.

  - Submitted by Robert Verrall

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