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Legacy of Death
November 20, 1968

Written by Terry Nation
Designed by Robert Jones
Directed by Don Chaffey

Plot Summary

A millionaire fakes his own death, and bequeaths an ancient Chinese dagger to Steed, in an attempt to foil his enemies.

My Thoughts

An enjoyable Maltese Falcon parody featuring an odd assortment of characters. A great portion of the story takes place at Steed's apartment.

Continuity & Production Problems

While Gorky is on the floor dying, he downs another glass of champagne and lets the glass drop to the floor, over his shoulder. The glass is heard to break, but when the shot changes, there is no sign of broken glass anywhere.

When Baron Von Orlak is interrogating Tara, he addresses her as "Fraulein King", (being German), until the final time when reverts to "Miss King".

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