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K is for Kill - Part 1: The Tiger Awakes
October 28, 1977

Written by Brian Clemens
Directed by Yvon Marie Coulais

Plot Summary

A leftover Russian commando unit comprised of radio-controlled sleepers is activated by a malfunctioning satellite. All 250 soldiers are eventually killed... but there were actually 252. The French government dismisses Steed's warning of the dangers posed by the two "Special K" agents, so it is up to the Avengers to prevent the assassination of France's President--and the start of World War III!

My Thoughts

This is one that I haven't seen since it was new back in the 70's, but I do remember being excited to hear the Diana Rigg/Emma Peel would be making an appearance on The New Avengers only to be disappointed when it turned out to be unused footage from the 1960's! Oh well!

Continuity & Production Problems

When the soldier carries out the massacre in the present-day in "a small town in France", the on-screen location title reads August 14th 1977. Yet as we switch to Steed and co. back in England, the date in the close up of the Guardian newspaper headline clearly reads Tuesday May 3rd. It is unlikely that the newspapers took 9 months to get round to reporting the story.

  - Submitted by Frank Shailes

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