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Mr. Teddy Bear
September 29, 1962

Written by Martin Woodhouse
Designed by Terry Green
Directed by Richmond Harding

Plot Summary

Noted author Col. Vernon Wayne-Gilley is murdered whilst being interviewed on live televison. One-Ten is sure that it is the work of the ruthless assassin known only as Mr. Teddy Bear. In order to trap Mr. Teddy Bear, Cathy arranges for him to murder Steed... and he almost succeeds!

My Thoughts

This is the earliest episode of The Avengers that I have had the privelege of seeing. It's a great story with a great villain... Reminiscent of later era shows. It was somewhat strange to see Steed becoming apparently "obsessed" with the case, but as this was only the beginning of the second season of the series, it should be expected that the character was still being "developed".

Plot Oversights

Somewhat of an amazing coincidence that Steed happened to have just the right antidote, for the poison of Mr. Teddy Bear's choice, in his medicine cabinet. Not impossible, but a bit of a realistic stretch.

Also, after Steed obtains the antidote from his medicine cabinet, he comes almost all the way back down the stairs before he sits down and administers it. I don't know about you, but if I had taken a fatal dose of poison, and knew I was mere seconds from dying, I would administer that antidote just as soon as I got my hot little hands on it, I don't care where I happened to be at! (Of course they would've had to build a set for Steed's bathroom and I'm sure that wasn't in the budget).

Continuity & Production Problems

Steed's dalmatian fails to respond to his order to "come on" at the end, and he has to issue it a second time.

  - From my own observations.

Apparently dead, Henry Farrow moves behind the skeleton mask. This give the impression that Mr. Teddy Bear's voice, relayed over a speaker, emanates from the mask.

Speaking of Steed's dalmatian, funny how she's good as gold with the nefarious Mr. Teddy Bear in his apartment - but takes fright and bolts when Steed enters the room.

Cathy accidently elbows a notepad off her piano while discussing payment for Mr. Teddy Bear's services.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett - Stay Tuned ... Submitted by Mike Noon.

Fluffed Dialogue

TV Announcer: "Many of you will know his previous books which have been described as the... by the reviewers..."

Steed: (in the mortuary) "How could Wayne-Gilley know... I mean how could he know"... (was supposed to be referring to Mr. Teddy Bear)... "that he would take this pills?"

  - From my own observations.

Steed: (to Cathy) "You should be caned in front of the cass."

One-Ten: "And he's taken a good look you... at you.

Dr. Howe: "Take this one for instance... for example."

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett - Stay Tuned ... Submitted by Mike Noon.

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