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October 20, 1962

Written by Eric Paice
Designed by Robert Macgowan
Directed by Peter Hammond

Plot Summary

Smuggled British weapons are traced to Anderson's Small Arms Ltd. So Steed arranges for Cathy, (who now owns 20 percent of the shares), to join Anderson's Board of Directors. The firm's chairman has just been killed and the company is fighting a takeover bid by Henry Cade, a tycoon who's used to getting what he wants. Unfortunately, everyone whom Cade has approached with an offer, has turned up dead soon after. Then he makes Cathy an offer... Will she be next?

My Thoughts

Another decent story set in the financial world, made better by Peter Hammond's excellent direction. Ronald Radd turns in an excellent performance as Cade, who's part of an exceptionally funny tag scene.

Continuity & Production Problems

At the beginning, Jean turns on the tape recorder and a voice emerges... But the reels never turn.

The eyelids of Anderson's corpse twitch.

The shadow of the boom mike appears twice... Once on the venetian blind when Cade is talking to Cathy, and again on the back of a policeman's head when he is questioning Jean about the Brigadier's murder.

During the target range scenes, a clang is heard as Cathy discusses Reynold's murder with the policeman and George... Then a "tink" and a squeak are heard, followed by the sound of a metallic object being dropped to the studio floor.

Cade accidently knocks over his cane when removing some stock figures for Cathy.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Fluffed Dialogue

Jean: "Mr. Young, you know that Miss Gale's still around, don't you?"

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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