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The Mauritius Penny
November 10, 1962

Written by Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks
Designed by Philip Harrison
Directed by Richmond Harding

Plot Summary

The owner of a stamp shop is murdered when excitedly talking on the phone to a contact about the rare Mauritius Penny that has turned up on a list. Cathy Gale applies for a job in the shop, and she and Steed witness another murder in an auction room.

My Thoughts

All of the information on this episode so far has been user-submitted. This episode has not been released on video in North America yet, so I have not been able to view it.

Continuity & Production Problems

Shop assistant Goodchild tells Steed that a collection of Napoleon III stamps are worth 85, but the price-ticket shows that they are offered for sale at 100.

Two women sit in a dentist's surgery, but a male cough is heard off-camera as Steed joins them.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett - Stay Tuned ... Submitted by Mike Noon.

Fluffed Dialogue

Cathy: (to Steed) "It's as if someone slammed the phone down for him." (She falters over "as if...")

Peckham: "We'll... We'll... We'll be in control by then."

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett - Stay Tuned ... Submitted by Mike Noon.

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