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Death of a Great Dane
November 17, 1962

Written by Roger Marshall and Jeremy Scott
Designed by Patrick Downing
Directed by Peter Hammond

Plot Summary

A man involved in a car crash is found to have 50,000 of diamonds in his stomach. The ownership of the diamonds is traced to the Litoff Organisation... The financial empire of Alex Litoff whom no one has seen in person in quite some time. Steed tries to figure out what connection the apparent diamond smuggling has to the Litoff Organisation's recent liquidation of assets, and to the recent death of one of Litoff's Great Danes.

My Thoughts

One of the season's better stories, I much prefer this one to its remake, The 50,000 Breakfast. The characters seem more intense, and the storyline seems to fit in much better in the Cathy Gale era.

Continuity & Production Problems

A male cough, off-camera, is heard when Cathy and Steed exit from Cathy's darkroom and again when Steed pays a second visit to Getz's office.

An X-ray slips from Cathy's hand and she ad-libs "Whoops!" as she catches it.

Mrs. Miller pulls a joke gun on Steed... and obviously has trouble making the "Bang" flag appear. Finally, after frantically pulling the trigger, she simply pulls it down with her free hand.

Held prisoner on a bed, Steed moves a sandwich to his mouth with his left hand. However, in the next scene, when he sips wine from a glass held in his right hand, the sandwich has disappeared!

A large unrelated shadow moves across Getz's head when he spells out his scheme to Steed in a close-up shot.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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