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The Sell-Out
November 24, 1962

Written by Anthony Terpiloff and Brandon Brady
Designed by Terry Green
Directed by Don Leaver

Plot Summary

Steed's department is guarding M. Roland, a UN negotiator in London for important talks, but he cannot prevent an assassination attempt. Indeed, it seems that one of Steed's colleagues is selling secrets - and Steed finds that even he is under suspicion.

My Thoughts

All of the information on this episode so far has been user-submitted. This episode has not been released on video in North America yet, so I have not been able to view it.

Continuity & Production Problems

The cameraman bumps into something - the picture shudders as Steed sees Dr. King emerge from the lift.

The lens of a camera (secondary to the one videotaping the action) is briefly seen being pulled out of shot as Steed enquires about the model building in Mark Harvey's basement.

Mrs. Harvey drops a teaspoon from her tray as she exits through the door.

Two shadows (unrelated to the action) pass over the bedspread as Harvey quizzes his wife about Dr. King. Much later you'll also spot a mysterious shadow loom large behind his shoulder when he holds Dr. King at gunpoint.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Fluffed Dialogue

Steed: "They'll go for whoever gets out."

One-Twelve: In any case, Monsieur Roland's presence and purpose is no longer a secret."

Mark Harvey: Oh Lilly, I may be gone unto morning."

M. Roland: "I find it necessary to resist the idea that I am indispensable."

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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