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The Big Thinker
December 15, 1962

Written by Martin Woodhouse
Designed by James Goddard
Directed by Kim Mills

Plot Summary

Plato, the most advanced computer in the world, which could be used to target intercepting missiles, keeps breaking down. The body of a professor on the team is found within: very cold and very dead.

My Thoughts

All of the information on this episode so far has been user-submitted. This episode has not been released on video in North America yet, so I have not been able to view it.

Continuity & Production Problems

The boom mike is seen, immediately after Dr. Kearns shouts "All right, roll 'em!". It reappears just after Steed has disarmed Clarice and Broster in Cathy's kitchen.

Cathy has to restart her dialogue when Broster cuts her off by asking "What are you doing...?"

A scraping sound is accompanied by a bump of the camera when Dr. Kearns is speculating how he would murder Dr. Clemens.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Fluffed Dialogue

Steed: (to Cathy) "I've just dropped by to bring Sheba in for you. Will you look after me? Quarantine, you know." (Should'be been "Will you look after her?")

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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