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Dead on Course
December 29, 1962

Written by Eric Paice
Designed by Robert Fuest
Directed by Richmond Harding

Plot Summary

A plane crashes in Ireland in suspicious circumstances, and the bodies are taken to the nearby St. Mary's Convent. Steed calls in Dr. King to check up on the circumstances of death, while he samples Irish hospitality and bad deeds at Shamrock Airport.

My Thoughts

All of the information on this episode so far has been user-submitted. This episode has not been released on video in North America yet, so I have not been able to view it.

Continuity & Production Problems

The strangled corpse of the pilot blinks.

One of the characters comments on a four-engined plane crashing into soft ground during thick fog - The pre-credit title sequence shows a twin-propellered plane crashing into an electricity pylon.

When Dr. Kingís car pulls up outside the pub, Joyce and Vincent are distracted by the loudness of the sound effect and repeat a word of their dialogue.

Vincentís face is suddenly thrown into shadow when the lighting technician dims the studio lights when he meets Dr King in the pubís dining booth.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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