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Box of Tricks
January 19, 1963

Written by Peter Ling and Edward Rhodes
Designed by Ann Spavin
Directed by Kim Mills

Plot Summary

What does the leakage of NATO secrets have to do with the murder of a magician's assistant? Steed goes undercover as a masseur to a NATO general, while Venus reluctantly becomes the magician's new assistant, to find out.

My Thoughts

A decent outing for Venus, although the plot can be seen coming a mile away.

Continuity & Production Problems

The boom mike can be seen at the top of the screen when Henrietta orders a drink from a waiter at Steed's table.

The music starts, stops, and starts again when Venus is investigating Denise's disappearance.

A cough can be heard during the scene when Kathleen leaves her father to go into another room; where she hands an important letter to a maid, and hands over a payment to Dr. Gilham.

An off-camera clonk... like that of shifting feet... is heard as Dr. Gilham prepares some test tubes.

The shadow of the boom mike is seen as Dr. Gilham and Kathleen enter the dressing room.

The (fake) brick wall on the staircase shakes when Dr. Gilham makes his escape.

After Steed and Kathleen knock out Dr. Gilham, a man can be seen walking out of the (supposedly empty) dressing room.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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