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January 26, 1963

Written by Doreen Montgomery
Designed by Terry Green
Directed by Peter Hammond

Plot Summary

The inventor of a new fuel formula mysteriously falls into a coma and signs point to hexes and black magic. So Steed and Cathy investigate a local occult group to see if there is a connection.

My Thoughts

Despite the high number of flubs, this "X-Files"-style episode is quite good. It was originally meant to introduce Cathy Gale, but the episode ended up airing after several other Cathy episodes had already aired, so the introductory scenes were edited out. It is somewhat obvious where this happened during the museum scene.

Continuity & Production Problems

Hurriedly collecting his bowler and umbrella, Steed accidently knocks something off Peter Neville's dressing table.

Just after Cathy has related the tale of werewolves to Steed, there is a jarring lurch of the camera as she hands Steed a book. (This appears to have been edited out of the A&E North American video releases)

Watch carefully as Cathy puts away a book in the museum. A glass cabinet reflects the image of a crew member sitting with a script in his lap.

During Steed and Mrs. Dunning's frantic search of Neville in his bedroom, a stagehand can be viewed ducking out of shot in the next room.

"She's been dead for some time..." says Cathy, when finding Mrs. Dunning on the floor. Odd then that barely moments before, Steed went crashing to that same spot... and Cathy had to walk over it in order to pass by a book stand. So how on earth did the body get there?

When Cosmo Gallion is first meeting with Cathy, he sits down his clipboard and it begins to fall. He quickly catches it, but then when he lets it go, it crashes to the ground forcing him to ab-lib a "So sorry!" to Cathy.

The shadow of a boom mike is reflected on Steed's head when he attends Cosmo Gallion's lecture.

A dog's bark is heard off-screen and someone plainly says "Shush!" so that Markel and Gallion can play out their scene.

Even though Cathy is supposed to be alone when Cosmo Gallion magically summons her from a distance, a woman's cough is heard during the scene.

The commercial break music fades in early just before Markel's death scene. The sound man then makes an abrupt cut, giving Markel the chance to die in silence.

A studio arc lamp is seen moving across the windscreen of Cathy's stationary car.

Left standing in the wake of Cathy's car, Steed's face freezes briefly.

The way that the wind blows through Cathy's bedroom window is a sure sign that the window frames have no glass in them.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Also the door to Gallion's front office looks like it has no glass in it.

  - From my own observations.

Fluffed Dialogue

Cathy: (to Gallion after he asked her if she found anything of interest in his lecture) "Yes I did... Indeed I did." (This appears to have been edited out of the A&E North American video releases)

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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