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School for Traitors
February 9, 1963

Written by James Mitchell
Designed by Maurice Pelling
Directed by Jonathan Alwyn

Plot Summary

A university tutor, who had been working on important research, is found dead and Steed goes to investigate. With Venus undercover as the Rag Week entertainment, they uncover a plot to blackmail promising young graduates for future dirty deeds.

My Thoughts

Another one from my list of favorites, I like this one just as much, if not more, than its Emma Peel-era counterpart A Sense of History.

Continuity & Production Problems

Watch as Green is being reprimanded by Dr. Shanklin in his study. Reflected in the glass cabinet behind Green's head, you'll see (and hear) a white-sleeved arm rapidly flipping through a script.

The shadow of the boom mike appears five times:
(1) On Steed' s head when he meets Venus in the bar.
(2) Moving across the drinks rack behind Higby.
(3) & (4) While Steed handles the "face cream" given to Venus.
(5) On Claire's torso while she is spelling out her financial problems to the proctor.

Higby rings up 2/2 on the bar till, but tells East that he owes him "three and a penny".

The picture freezes when East, Claire, and Steed line up to play billiards. A shake of the camera and it unfreezes. This occurs again when Claire enters her studio to find Higby recovering in a chair.

Claire tells Roberts that the cheque made out to her is not for 220, but for two hundred and twenty guineas. She complains that it is really only worth 210. However a guinea is worth one pound five shillings, therefore Claire's check is worth 255.

A cough is heard when Venus confronts Green, and again when Shanklin reads Higby's letter to Green.

A throat is heard clearing as Higby compares the cheque from Roberts.

Listen while Roberts and Higby play out their scene with Claire, in her studio. An off-camera conversation can be heard as well as the sound of something being dragged across the floor.

Just before Higby enters Claire's studio, the top of a technician's head goes whizzing by.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Fluffed Dialogue

Venus: (introducing Steed to Roberts) "This is John Steed... John St... Jack S.... John Steed, this is Jack Roberts." (Leading Patrick Macnee to ad-lib "John Steed? Jack Steed? Marvelous... Call me Bert!")

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