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The White Dwarf
February 16, 1963

Written by Malcolm Hulke
Designed by Terry Green
Directed by Richmond Harding

Plot Summary

An astronomer, who believed that a "white dwarf" star was on a collision course with Earth, is murdered, and Steed and Cathy investigate to find out why... and what connection two financiers have with it.

My Thoughts

A solid story with a great plot. Reminiscent of the recent feature film "Deep Impact", science-fiction fans will love this one.

Continuity & Production Problems

Although Professor Richter is supposed to be alone in his observatory, there appears to be a lot of studio background noise. This shatters the illusion of the intruder doing his best to quietly creep up a staircase.

The Shadow (of the boom mike) is back again! After Steed hands Cathy a cup of coffee in his apartment, it is clearly seen falling across Cathy's head... and is still there in the next shot, this time across her face. It reappears later, across the panel of Steed's bookcase.

When Cathy asks Steed for her handbag at the lunch table, the boom mike is plainly seen before it swings out of frame.

A scraping chair, or a cough? A noise is heard when Sir Charles asks Barker if he can provide Professor Cartwright with security arrangements. This is followed by a mild tapping sound (before we hear Barker's intercom buzzer). Possibly the same tap that can be heard while Cartwright is on the phone to Fuller.

While Henry says he'll help his brother even though he doesn't trust him, the camera loses track of his moving profile.

Also the gunfight between Steed and Max Barker seems a bit "speeded-up".

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Fluffed Dialogue

Steed: (to Cathy) "So d'you know Tor... Tarr Point Observatory in Cornwall?"

Steed: (to Cathy) "I've been doing some inves... vesti... investigating of my own."

Steed: (to Cathy) "The country knew... that knew it was a fake scare."

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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