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Conspiracy of Silence
March 2, 1963

Written by Roger Marshall
Designed by Stephen Doncaster
Directed by Peter Hammond

Plot Summary

After an Italian circus clown makes an attempt on Steed's life, Cathy goes undercover, as a reporter, to find out what connection the now missing clown has to Mafia drug smuggling.

My Thoughts

Not too bad of an episode. You couldn't ask for a better combination than Roger Marshall and Peter Hammond. The circus atmosphere comes across well and we're treated to some extensive location shooting.

Continuity & Production Problems

While Carlo sinisterly attacks Steed walking his dog, the dramatic music is barely audible... until, when Carlo fires off a shot, the music reaches a crescendo!

Three off-camera coughs are to be heard: After Cathy tells Gutman that Carlo was supposed to kill an acquaintance... As Arturo secretly goes on a night prowl looking for photographs... And while the camera scans around the empty circus tent.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Near the end, as Steed is chasing Mrs. Gale past the tiger's cage, the camera pans over to the tiger and the tiger starts to look away, but you can then hear what seems to be the trainer calling its name in a loud whisper.

Also, when the Professor is talking to Cathy, she chokes on the smoke from his cigar just before the end of the scene.

An ad-lib that Honor threw in: When Steed asks Mrs. Gale how she knows so much about tattoos, she says she took it up in school instead of needlework, which makes Macnee burst out laughing. Honor is all smiles as they move on.

  - Submitted by Adam.

Fluffed Dialogue

Sica: (to Rickie) "Maybe you know he where he has gone?"

Cathy: (to Steed, at the end) "Disappointment isn't it?"

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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