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Six Hands Across A Table
March 16, 1963

Written by Reed R. de Rouen
Designed by Paul Bernard
Directed by Richmond Harding

Plot Summary

While visiting an old school friend, Cathy falls for the girl's powerful father. But when her friend's fiancée's father dies under questionable circumstances, it becomes apparent that Cathy's love interest is involved in a scheme to take over virtually all of the British shipbuilding industry.

My Thoughts

IMO this is one of the better Cathy episodes, althoughthe focus is more on dialogue than action. Cathy's "romance" also adds an extra spark to the proceedings.

Continuity & Production Problems

Someone shouts "Look out!" Cathy looks up and screams, despite the fact that the block and tackle designed to fall on Brian hasn't begun to move yet!

A soft, off-camera clonk is heard as Oliver hands Cathy a book in his study. Much later, when Cathy questions Oliver about the strike at Brian's yard, a tapping sound is heard... like that of a metal pipe being tapped.

An off-camera cough is heard when the receptionist is in the boardroom with Julian.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

Fluffed Dialogue

Julian: (on the phone) "Dangerous working conditions... Unsatis...factory safety precautions."

Oliver: (to Cathy) "Yes I gain to win... if there's a strike at the Collier yards." (I'm assuming he meant to say either "stand to gain" or "stand to win".)

  - From my own observations.

Ralph: "Oh, the shop steward was to see you, sir."

George: "That's not gonna make this country a great seafaring nation agren."

Cathy: "For some reason you insist ...upon...being...rude to me."

Oliver: (to Cathy) "I need you, Ros."

Brian: (when Cathy enquires how he's feeling after being slugged) "Oh, too bad thanks." (No not?)

Oliver: "Others will take the lead from us. Only the shipping industry, but every facet of commerce." ("Not" seems to a difficult word to say)

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

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