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March 23, 1963

Written by John Lucarotti
Designed by Douglas James
Directed by Kim Mills

Plot Summary

Cathy becomes the manager of a young boxer, Joey Frazer, who is training at Pancho Driver's gym. Steed suspects that ambergris is being smuggled from the Caribbean to Pancho's gym, and is hoping that Cathy and Joey will get him the proof.

My Thoughts

A standard smuggling story. No location filming and some rather "cheap" looking sets.

Continuity & Production Problems

An off-camera clanking sound can be heard while Cathy (presumably alone) is applying some hand cream in her apartment.

After the above, a cough is heard... And heard again when Steed pulls a gun on Pancho and Fernand.

Cathy's automated drinks cabinet shoots up so fast that Steed has to quickly steady the glass to stop it from toppling over.

While Pancho says "Very silly of you, Joey. Now you've got youself and Mrs. Gale into a lot of trouble.", the camera has to swing left to get Pancho, and his sidekick Harry, back into the shot.

When Cathy and Harry are fighting, a muscle-bound brute named "Tiger" is late with his cue, and all we see is two empty chairs on a rostrum.

  - Courtesy of Wayne Beckett / Stay Tuned.

There is no glass in the door to Pancho's office.

  - From my own observations.

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