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Death of a Batman
October 26, 1963

Written by Roger Marshall
Designed by Paul Bernard
Directed by Kim Mills

Plot Summary

At the reading of the will of Wrightson, Steed's former batman, family and friends are shocked to hear that Wrightson has left his widow, Edith, an estate worth 180,000. How did a 20 a week draughtsman amass such a fortune? Cathy goes undercover to work for Wrightson's bankers while Steed get to know the charming, but scatter-brained, Lady Cynthia.

My Thoughts

Another solid Roger Marshall story, set in the world of finance. Although it has the tendency to drag at a couple of points, the supporting cast is great, and it is definitely a worthwhile viewing.

Continuity & Production Problems

While Steed is talking to his dog, at the beginning, he apparently moves away from the mike and his last few words are muffled.

While Lord Teale is speaking to Lady Cynthia, the camera is jarred up and down as if the cameraman accidently bumped it.

In Steed's flat, as he is talking to Cathy, the phone rings. He picks it up to answer it and it continues to ring for a few seconds.

  - From my own observations.

When Cathy enters Wrightson's flat to search, the door pops open after she closes it and she quickly has to close it again.

Later, Lord Teale has trouble with a different door.

  - Submitted by Alan Hayes.

Fluffed Dialogue

Teale: "How's the market this m... afternoon?

  - Submitted by Nick Griffiths.

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