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Dressed to Kill
December 28, 1963

Written by Brian Clemens
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain

Plot Summary

When all but one of the country's defensive radar stations report a false missile attack, Steed makes a bid to buy some property near the radar station that was the exception. Soon he finds himself invited, along with six other prospective landowners, to a New Years Eve costume party aboard a train. In the midst of the party, their train car is left stranded at an abandoned station in the middle of nowhere... Then people start turning up dead!

My Thoughts

Although this episode bears resemblance to The Superlative Seven and The Gravediggers, neither is a direct re-write of it. This is one of the better Cathy episodes, although Cathy's role is reduced quite a bit.

Continuity & Production Problems

One of the young, attractive partygoers boards the train twice!

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

"Pussy Cat" (Anneke Wills) bemoans the fact that she is "mortgaged to her eyeballs" yet she is buying a plot of land...

  - Submitted by Mark H. Stevens

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