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The White Elephant
January 4, 1964

Written by John Lucarotti
Designed by Philip Harrison
Directed by Laurence Bourne

Plot Summary

When Snowy, a rare albino elephant, is abducted from Noah Marshall's private zoo, Steed sends Cathy in to see if there's a connection to his investigation of ivory smugglers.

My Thoughts

One of the best Season Three episodes, this one is highlighted by the appearance of many birds and animals... However no elephant actually appears.

Continuity & Production Problems

During Cathy's meeting with Noah, who has a macaw perched on his shoulder, the macaw reaches over to bite the pipe in Noah's mouth as if to take it. The view switches to Honor, who appears to be smiling involuntarily at the bird's antics and trying not to laugh. By the time the view switches back, Godfrey Quigley (Noah) has grabbed the pipe and the scene continues.

Also, during another office scene when Conniston meets Cathy for the first time, the dialogue is quite halted and awkward, as if there was some confusion over the line cues, and Noah's introductions are delivered in a stiff manner.

In the scene in the gun shop when Fitch confronts Joseph and Steed with a pistol, what seems to be a shout from an animal extra is heard from offstage.

  - Submitted by D.P. Paré

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