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January 25, 1964

Written by Roger Marshall
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Bill Bain

Plot Summary

After attending the funeral of an old friend at a lonely Cornish graveyard, Steed notices that the cemetary has become the burial place of choice for many London millionaires. Could the high levels of arsenic in the soil, from the nearby closed tin mine, have anything to do with it?

My Thoughts

Another fast-paced and witty Roger Marshall submission. This episode features alot of classic Avengers-type traits... A shifty-eyed villain, his nervous partner, a gun-toting vicar, and a grieving widow with motives of her own. In my opinion, one of the best of the Cathy Gale bunch.

Continuity & Production Problems

When the camera follows Cathy and Rev. Whyper during their first conversation in the graveyard, tree branches can be seen being pushed out of the way by the camera, or cameraman. At the end of the scene, when the sexton is walking toward the camera, someone off-camera lifts a large branch out of the shot.

When Cathy is fighting the sexton (played by wrestler Jackie Pallo), in the graveyard, she accidently kicks him in the face, breaking his nose. Then she knocks him into an open grave, with a shovel, actually knocking him unconcious for seven minutes. This made national news headlines back in 1964!

When Steed pins John Benson up against the mirror on his boat, the camera blurs for a couple of seconds as the cameraman tries to re-focus.

  - From my own observations.

When Dr. Macombie takes the empty arsenic bottle from Mrs. Turner, he attempts to break it on the trash can, but instead knocks the trash can over.

  - Submitted by Nick Griffiths.

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