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The Charmers
Feburary 29, 1964

Written by Brian Clemens
Designed by Richard Harrison
Directed by Bill Bain

Plot Summary

Enemy agents are being rapidly eliminated and evidence points to a "third party". So Steed organises a truce and the sides exchange partners in order to investigate the connection between a dentist and a gentlemen's training organisation.

My Thoughts

This episode was later remade in the Emma Peel colour season as The Correct Way to Kill, but I much prefer the original version. Guest Fenella Fielding turns in a wonderful performance and the pictures of "Most Wanted Agents" on the wall (Brian Clemens being one of them) is a nice touch.

Plot Oversights

A comment is made about Vinkel's name being "foreign", but why do Keller and Martin, who speak with obvious Russian accents, have Anglo names?

Continuity & Production Problems

A fly in shot when the episode's title is superimposed causes the "dead" character to twitch a little.

Near the end, watch out for a door that falls off its hinges and bounces when it hits the floor.

  - Submitted by Chris Krisocki

When Steed first goes to see Keller, the camera gets a severe case of the wobbles during the close-up of Keller scolding Martin for not killing Steed.

  - From my own observations.

Fluffed Dialogue

Cathy: "My cheek will be nowhere near his jowl!"
Steed: "Now Mrs. Jowl... I mean Mrs. Gale..."

  - From my own observations.

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