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March 7, 1964

Written by Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke
Designed by Douglas James
Directed by Kim Mills

Plot Summary

When a visiting Russian pianist is framed for murder, Steed must team up with the "other side" in order to prevent a political assassination.

My Thoughts

An enjoyable episode with some funny moments. Overall indicative of most of the season.

Continuity & Production Problems

When Cathy is confronted with "Russian Roulette," after the villain "shoots" for the first time, he says "Now the odds are 4 to 1," then after the second time he says "Now the odds are 2 to 1." Remarkable, no? I'm not a gun expert, but doesn't a revolver have 6 shots?

  - Submitted by John Kortink

When Steed and Zalenko are drinking in the hotel room, Nigel Stock appears to have forgotten his next line and they go for another round of drinks to stall, which is when one can hear someone offstage say the line to Nigel, which he then repeats immediately. Both actors keep a straight face and go on with the scene.

  - Submitted by Adam Durrance

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