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The Cybernauts
October 14, 1965

Written by Philip Levene
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Plot Summary

Industrial executives are being murdered by what appears to be a karate expert. However, after some investigation, Steed and Emma discover that the murderer is not so human... An automation expert, bent on obtaining a "new circuit element", has built a deadly robot to help him win at all costs.

My Thoughts

Regarded as an Avengers "classic", this is the first episode to be broadcast in the U.S. Although the plot is not original, there is still plenty of wit and style to make it enjoyable. It was also the first of two consecutive episodes to feature a lead villain in a wheelchair.

Continuity & Production Problems

We must assume that Tusamo is supposed to be Japanese, but it can't be a Japanese name--they have no 'TU' sound, only 'TSU.' While many Japanese will modify their names to make it easier for Americans to pronounce (a famous example is Mazda, actually Matsuda in Japanese), unfortunately Tsusamo doesn't wash as a Japanese surname either, though there are names like Tsushima and Tsusaka. (Sheri Biffle and Ken Laux) And Silky adds that referencing Confucius is inappropriate--Confucius is Chinese, not Japanese.

Harachi Corporation is almost certainly derived from Hitachi Corporation, which, especially back in the 60's, could well be taken as representative of the big Japanese electronics firms. Unfortunately Harachi is not a Japanese proper noun either, though it's a near miss. The decor in the waiting room of Tusamo's office is more Chinese than Japanese; and having a secretary in kimono is utterly laughable! It gets worse at the karate club--nearly every Japanese phrase used is mangled, some horribly. (Ken Laux)

And while everyone makes mention of "Industrial Deployments" in the dialog, the company sign, visible behind the security guard, reads "Industrial Developments." (Stephen Brooke) This is no doubt related to the fact that every mention of Industrial Deployments is dubbed over. It would seem they learned that Industrial Developments was too close to some real-world entity after they'd filmed the episode

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

Emma's feather duster loses a feather during her chat with Steed?

During the climactic battle, as props fall everywhere, you can catch someone's hand (bottom left) tipping over a box!

Also, when the Cybernaut breaks into Emma's flat, it comes through the balcony window--does it climb up the building, or is Emma's balcony just a fancy fire escape?

  - Submitted by Susan Minobe

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