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Death at Bargain Prices
October 21, 1965

Written by Brian Clemens
Directed by Charles Crichton

Plot Summary

The only clue to an agent's murder is a department store receipt dated for a day the store was closed. Steed and Emma go undercover and find out what connection the store's eccentric owner and his seemingly unknowledgeable employees have to a missing scientist.

My Thoughts

Some great exterior footage, realistic-looking sets, and a Cathy-like spark to Steed and Emma's relationship make this one a fun romp.

Continuity & Production Problems

As Emma is feeding the store receipts into the computer, she makes the remark, "Moran must have stumbled onto it." However, her lips are not moving as she "says" this...

Minor quibble: After Steed and Emma start searching for the bomb, she asks him, "What sizes do bombs come in?" But wait--I thought she was the nuclear physics expert... would it not have made more sense for Steed to ask her what sizes bombs come in? I can't help but think that their lines of dialog were swapped...

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

When Emma is standing on a ladder arranging a wall display of toys, note that she has a toy gun tucked under her belt. As she and Tony Marco exit the scene she still has the gun, but in the very next shot in the hallway, she no longer has it.

  - Submitted by Blanding Hensley

During Emma's lunch break at her flat, Steed pours her a glass of wine (two, actually, since she grabs his). In the establishing shot, the bottle is in his right hand and Emma grabs the glass out of his left. In the close-up reaction shot of Steed, the bottle is now in his left hand and his right is empty.

  - Submitted by Susan Minobe

When Steed is in Emma's flat She goes off camera to get her lunch. When Steed asks her "Do you know a Professor Popple?", Emma comes back into camera view and answers him. The thing that caught my eye was that Emma's leather catsuit seems to be opened on the back. You can't help but notice this slight opening, just as she begins to sit on the sofa. Now my theory is that the Diana Rigg has always mentioned that the leatehr outfits were too tight and made movements hard for her. This must've been one case where the crew unzipped the back just so she could sit down on that sofa with more comfort. Thinking they wouldn't get that on camera they let this go and never noticed it in the scene.

  - Submitted by Willie

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