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The Murder Market
November 12, 1965

Written by Tony Williamson
Directed by Peter Graham Scott

Plot Summary

Steed and Emma go undercover at a marriage bureau which offers an extra service... Assassination of their wealthier clients.

My Thoughts

A pretty good episode with some great moments. This episode originally began filming with Elizabeth Shepherd as Emma and production was halted halfway thru when Shepherd was let go. It was then refilmed with Diana Rigg and it's obvious that her character is still being "defined" as she seems to resemble Cathy Gale in some instances.

Continuity & Production Problems

The box on which Steed perches his golf ball gets fired straight at Emma, and bounces off her shoulder to land on the sofa under the tuba. Later, Steed is waving his golf club to emphasize a point and smacks the arch over his head, which he then eyes quizzically.

Later, at the "cake tasting," Dinsford slops champers all over Steed's arm. Then, just prior to Steed "murdering" Emma, she dribbles champers on her dress. Evidently a good time was had by all!

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

When Mrs. Peel first goes to Togetherness, after Lovejoy says, "Well, you've come to the right place," there is a close-up of Emma (with Lovejoy saying "indeed you have"). She is seen wearing gloves whereas she hasn't been in rest of the scene. This shot appears to be one from a later scene where she goes to see him again.

  - Submitted by Simon Ball.

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