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A Surfeit of H0
November 20, 1965

Written by Colin Finbow
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Plot Summary

A man is found drowned in a field by a freak rainstorm and the eccentric locals are convinced that the second Great Flood is coming. So Steed and Emma investigate the local winery which seems to have a cloud hanging over it.

My Thoughts

A decent sci-fi episode with a plot reminiscent of the 1998 Feature Film. The best parts are the eccentrics played by Noel Purcell and Talfryn Thomas. Extra points for Steed mentioning my home state (Arizona) in one scene.

Continuity & Production Problems

Dr. Sturm opens the tap in the lab to demonstrate to Steed the source of the rain sound. A few moments later you see a hand in the background shut off the tap while the Dr. and Mr. Smyth are watching Sir Kelley. A moment later after ordering the rain, you can see the tap still running.

  - Submitted by Derek Lyons.

When Steed and Mrs. Peel are rushing into the wine shop from the field, Steed is wearing a high-buttoned coat and flowing tie, whereas in the wine shop Steed is wearing a conventional coat and tie.

  - Submitted by Beth Randall.

When Mrs. Peel goes into Eli's house, it's oviously two stories. How then does the rain come through the top floor onto the main floor. You can see the stairs from the kitchen leading up, so they are definitely on the main floor. I suppose it could have traveled through the top floor, but then I'd hate to see what that looked like up there.

  - Submitted by Adam Durrance.

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