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The Hour That Never Was
November 26, 1965

Written by Roger Marshall
Directed by Gerry O'Hara

Plot Summary

Steed and Emma head to Steed's old airbase for a closing-down party, but are involved in accident on the way. Once they arrive they find the base deserted... Except for the milkman!

My Thoughts

One of the better episodes of the season as it lets us figure things out as Steed and Emma do... Something that other writers should have done more.

Continuity & Production Problems

Right after the high-pitched shrilling sound, Steed returns to the bar and tries to pour himself a drink-without taking the stopper off first.

  - Submitted by Jocelyn Ferguson

As Steed and Emma enter the Officer's Mess the first time they are reversed on the entrance shot from within. They are also reversed on the milk float at the end.

We see Emma looking her absolute best walking across Hamelin airfield with her hair blowing in the breeze, then she is coiffeured on entering the mess.

  - Submitted by Barry

Fluffed Dialogue

Hickey: (To Steed in the bar) "In this business, it pays to make friends with the guards of dogs..." (Most likely should have been: "guards' dogs" or "dogs of guards")

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

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