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Man-Eater of Surrey Green
December 11, 1965

Written by Philip Levene
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Plot Summary

Botanists are disappearing and mysteriously turning up at Sir Lyle Peterson's estate. What does this have to do with the discovery of a crashed spaceship and the strange plant that it apparently collided with? And why are two deaf botanists not affected???

My Thoughts

Although it has its moments, this episode features what is probably the worst plot of any Avengers episode. It goes so far over the top that it goes crashing, out of control, down the other side. After seeing so many wonderful Season Three and Four episodes, it almost hurts to watch this one. The only bright spot is Athene Seyler as Dr. Sheldon, the eccentric lady botanist.

Continuity & Production Problems

While Steed is waiting to meet with Sir Lyle, he walks over and speaks to the lady mannequin against the wall. As he walks away, along the wall, the shadow of the camera that is following him can be seen falling across the mannequin.

  - From my own observations.

When Dr. Sheldon is explaining what she discovered to Steed and Mrs. Peel, she accidentally hits Emma a pretty good shot in the right shoulder. Emma reacts with a sort of shocked and surprised look. Dr. Sheldon then apologizes and keeps going on with her explanation, while Emma gives Steed an amused look and a very tiny smile. It appears that Ms. Seyler did accidentally hit Ms. Rigg and being a good actor, just kept going.

  - Submitted by Colleen Shannon

When Steed and Emma enter the deserted pub, there's a game involving Skittles, with one skittle remaining. Emma cannot resist finishing off the game and knocks off the last skittle. The camera pans away and when it returns, it can be seen in the background, that the skittle is mysteriously standing again.

  - Submitted by David Edge

Near the conclusion, the plant is pulling the unconscious Emma along with a steady pull, giving the impression that the tentacle is being pulled along by something mechanical. Unfortunately for the special effects department, the movement of an octopus, or anything else that has tentacles, is always jerky when it is pulling a heavy weight because it has to relax the muscle in between pulls, giving the effect of a living conveyor belt.

  - Submitted by Anthony Durrant

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