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Two's a Crowd
December 18, 1965

Written by Philip Levene
Directed by Roy Baker

Plot Summary

An ultra-mysterious foreign spy, Colonel Psev, is in London to infiltrate a defense conference. His four aides, along with Ambassador Brodny, hire a male model to impersonate Steed in order to accomplish this feat.

My Thoughts

Although this episode is not on my top list of favorites, it's not that bad either. What starts out looking like a silly b-grade science-fiction plot is wrapped up rather nicely, whilst Patrick Macnee gives a performance worthy of an award as Steed's double. Whatever the case, it's definitely a vast improvement over the episode that preceeded it the week before.

Continuity & Production Problems

The revolver that Steed uses in the last couple of scenes changes from a Smith & Wesson to an Enfield as he runs from inside the Russian embassy to the surrounding grounds.

  - Submitted by John Scungio

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