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The Girl from Auntie
January 20, 1966

Written by Roger Marshall
Directed by Roy Baker

Plot Summary

Steed returns from vacation to find that Emma has changed (drastically!) whilst he was away. It seems that the real Emma has been kidnapped and the innocent actress who was hired to replace her seems to have become a deadly friend to have.

My Thoughts

A fun romp with some funny moments. And probably the second-best costume that Diana Rigg ever wore in the series. My only rub is the unlikeliness of Steed continuing to ride around London in cab with all his stuff. The only reason for this seems to be to add comic relief which the episode already has enough of.

Continuity & Production Problems

It appears the director elected not to re-shoot a stunt that almost went awry, wherein Steed's double leaps over a railing, catches his foot on it as he goes, and very nearly lands on his face. Ouch!

Mary Merrall proves to be quite an accomplished ventriloquist. At his flat Steed asks her a question which she answers without moving her lips! (Thanks to Susan for reminding me about this one.)

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

There is a plaque in the left corner of the Mona Lisa when ffitch breaks in and is caught. It moves to the other side a moment later. Then it moves back again later on.

  - Submitted by Christian De Meco

Steed leaves the airport in a "modern" (still used) Austin Metropolitan Taxi (reg. BGJ 193B), but for the rest of the episode he's driven around in an old-fashioned predecessor (reg. VGF 345).

  - Submitted by Stephen Brooke, Stephen La Riviere, and Holger Schmitz.

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