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The Thirteenth Hole
January 28, 1966

Written by Tony Williamson
Directed by Roy Baker

Plot Summary

A missing scientist leads Steed and Emma to tee off on a golf course where the thirteenth hole is especially deadly.

My Thoughts

Despite a storyline that's not much above "par", this one was still enjoyable to me due to the golf club setting (I've been known to play from time to time) and a fair amount of outdoor shooting.

Continuity & Production Problems

After the golf cart 'attacks' Emma it clearly falls completely on its side, but after the camera angle changes it is only on an angle.

Also, when Steed tries to knock out the villain with a golf ball, he seems to change his trousers. In the climax, Steed is wearing knickerbockers, but when the scene cuts to the tee-off, Steed is suddenly wearing ordinary long trousers.

  - Submitted by Holger Schmitz

There is scene about four minutes into the episode wherein Steed is crouched down and says to Emma, "I had hoped we'd find a lead here." But alas his lips fail to move.

  - Submitted by Ken Dickenson

It appears that the camera pans too low on Steed when he adjusts the golf cart's steering at the end of the tag. It clearly shows he is holding onto nothing (which of course would be true since they were likely filming in the studio) when he "turns" the cart.

  - Submitted by Mike Kunkel

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