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The Danger Makers
February 11, 1966

Written by Roger Marshall
Directed by Charles Crichton

Plot Summary

High-ranking army officials are suddenly turning into reckless daredevils. Investigation leads Steed to infiltrate a secret society that thrives on adrenaline.

My Thoughts

Roger Marshall comes through again with an entertaining story. Full of great scenes including Emma having prove her courage!

Continuity & Production Problems

The chap looking to commit suicide by jumping out of a hospital window looks down from what must be the 18th or 20th floor of a high-rise building--well above the treetops--yet as he moves out onto the ledge, he stands in the shadow of a tree...!

  - Courtesy of David K. Smith / The Avengers Forever

The plane Wing Commander Watson flies is an early RAF Supermarine Swift jet. Yet as the plane crashes into the trees it has morphed into an old deHavilland Chipmunk propeller-driven trainer

  - Submitted by Stephen Brooke

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