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Honor Blackman Online

Our sister site! The first site on the Net devoted exclusively to the wonderful actress who played Cathy Gale! The site is currently under development, so not all of the pages work yet. But stay tuned as more is added all the time!


A collection of many excellent sites relating to The Avengers including David K. Smith's The Avengers Forever, the ultimate fan site for any show!

TheAvengers (French)

Victor Roullier's comprehensive Avengers site for French-speaking fans!

The Avengers (Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir)

Official site from Canal+, copyright owners of The Avengers TV series. In English and French.

Official site from A&E Home Video, who are releasing The Avengers on video in North America.

The Authorised Guide to The New Avengers

Dave Matthews's site for the 1976-77 series with episode guide, images, sounds, and much more.

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